Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept commissions?

Sorry, I am currently not accepting commissions.


What is the difference between Standard and Seconds quality pins? 

For information about how I categorise my enamel pins, please refer to my Enamel Pin Quality Guide. 

Do you sell prints?

Yes! I also have more prints of my originals at INPRNT! If you're interested, do take a look at my gallery there. :)


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks, but this varies depending on circumstances out of our control such as delays at customs or high delivery load. For more information, please check out our Shipping and Handling page.


There is a mistake / defect in my order! What should I do?

I'm very sorry for the mistake! Do get in touch with me via email and I will send over a replacement free of charge. 


My order hasn't arrived! What should I do?

I'm very sorry to hear that! Shipping can sometimes take up to 3 months with some countries, so your order may still arrive yet. I do not accept refunds due to delayed or missing packages. That being said, if it has been more than 3 months and your order still has not arrived, do contact me via email and I will see what I can do. For more information, please check out our Shipping and Handling page.