Enamel Pin Quality Guide

I categorize my pins into two quality grades: Standard and Seconds. All my pins are carefully inspected and graded before I mail them out. However, enamel pins are individually handmade items, so no pin can ever be 100% perfect :) Please take note while buying!

Standard Pins

Standard Pins are near-perfect (or perfect if you are lucky), but as these are handmade items they may still contain minor imperfections. Examples of these include but are not limited to:

  • Small light scratches, buff marks, scuffs on the enamel or metal
  • Slightly underfilled, overfilled or uneven areas
  • Small pores or specks of dirt in the enamel
  • Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal
  • Slightly misaligned screen-printing

Seconds Pins

Seconds Pins have more noticeable flaws and are hence sold at a discounted price. Such flaws include but are not limited to:

  • Scratches or marks across large areas of the pin
  • Large, very obvious stains
  • Large areas of oxidisation on the metal
  • Badly misaligned or missing screen-printing
  • Completely unfilled areas or large areas with very low fill
  • Wobbly backings

I hope this guide will help you make a more informed purchase. Happy pin shopping! :)