About the Artist

Hello, I'm Gloria! Welcome to my little shop :) I love drawing cute creatures and little environments, and I am very much inspired by the beauty of creation! This shop is largely a one-woman operation, but I am occasionally helped out by very gracious and loving family and friends.

My Story

A little bit about me - I am a child of God who has been blessed with the gift of expression through art. Thanks to my parents who encouraged my artistic development, I grew up knowing the joys of creating. I originally intended to pursue a degree in Business but I quit halfway through my first year to pursue an art degree instead, because I did not feel like I belonged in a corporate environment.

After graduation, I found a job in a game company where I stayed for six years. It was fulfilling work among many like-minded people and I learnt a lot about the industry, work ethics, good business practices etc, but I eventually started yearning to make and share art that was more meaningful to me on a personal level.

With this, I started posting my art on social media and selling at local events around 2017, which was to be the humble beginnings of Goldfishkang. By God's grace it eventually grew into something larger than I had ever dared to imagine, so in mid-2020 I took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue Goldfishkang fulltime.

I never expected to be running a business by myself after leaving my business degree all those years ago, but God works in mysterious ways and here I am now, chasing my small shop dreams! :)

My Products

I like to explore cute and fun themes in my monthly shop updates, but I particularly love dealing with themes of journeys and travel. You can probably tell from my Little Adventurer series, which is one of my most popular series to date.

Largely inspired by my own life experiences, I want to make art that explores the joys and struggles of journeying through life, not knowing where we are going and what we will become but bravely enjoying it nonetheless. I would be very honoured and thankful to have you join me on this journey! I hope that my art can lift your spirits and be of some service to you, even if it is only in some very small, insignificant way.

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